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Vintage retro style in design the house

Now, vintage retro design style is very popular which you can see in fashion, a café, restaurant…. In design the house, you also use vintage style with decorative patterns in the living room. All interior furniture are made by natural wood bring the warm space and elegant.

With this style, the ceiling is decorated simply, the design is focus in septum staircase, combine the furniture with the decorated patterns. 

the vintage retro style for the living room | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Between the living room and kitchen, you can decorate with luxury stone pattern. Few trees will bring nature into the home. 

decorate septum staircase with vintage style | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The vintage style shows the experience of homeowner, shaping different style than the classic design style. 

vintage design style | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Kitchen cabinet system with luxurious walnut create more inspired for you.

vintage design style for the kitchen | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

vintage style for the kitchen | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The L-shaped kitchen cabinets combined islet, the decorative elements and motifs in vintage style bring the unique design for your house. 

vintage style for the bedroom | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

The room with soothing tones is designed in vintage style. These decorative boxes and wooden borders help to avoid the monotony of wood.

vintage style patterns | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Wallpaper patterns with vintage style combined with blue to create nostalgic.

vintage style furniture in the bedroom | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Even, you can design the children room with pink color. Surely, your baby will be very excited. 

design the vintage style with pink color | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

vintage style for bedroom | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

design the bedroom with vintage style | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Pink color bring feminine, gentle and subtle. 

decorate the bedroom with vintage retro style | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Vintage style create the warm space and nostalgia. 

If you want to create the unique style for your home, you can refer the vintage design style. It’s very subtle. Some wooden outdoor furniture with vintage style which you could refer.

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