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Some tips to measure the door in Feng Shui

In feng shui, the size is applied to measure the internal size of the door. It’s called Lo Ban.

Many people wonder that the size of the doors should be measured womb or including door frames. 

How to measure the size of the door in Feng Shui | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Because of the size of feng shui related to internal domestic, which should be measured approximately womb (the static stability). You should not measure the wing door frame. In height, you calculated and measured approximately womb from floor to the lowest part of the upper shell.

the way to measure the doors in feng shui | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture
Should be measured approximately womb 

The door frame without wings, you also measure the smallest portion and fixed. For doors with flip or fixed portion above, feng shui size only to the frame with wings open is below. In this measure, the size ensures the aesthetic and correlation with house, notice the opening to go back on feng shui size, other parts only act as windows, lightly and airy.

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