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Some style for design the garden with outdoor chairs

Outdoor chairs must be stable with sun and rain in outdoor garden and easy to move. You can refer some models of outdoor chairs for your garden. 

outdoor chairs with steel frame | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

You can read and relax in the chairs with steel frame, outdoor cushions.

relax in the garden with wooden outdoor chairs | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

With these pieces of wood, you can design a comfortable bench for your baby.

chairs with colorful pieces wood | Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Colorful outdoor chairs are also good idea for you.

Put the wooden chairs around the tree, you will have a desk for lunch.

outdoor chairs | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

A crate also becomes the unique seat in the garden.

crate in the garden | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Take to sleep in the garden with outdoor benches.

outdoor benches with brick  | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

If you want to create the unique for your garden, you can use wooden combined with trees. This is the strange idea. 

Outdoor benches with natural trees | Vietnam Outdoor Manufacturers

Even, you can use the wood combined with brick to design outdoor benches

outdoor benches with brick and wood | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

A bench is made by brick

bench is made by brick | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

If you usually have picnic with your friends, you can use the wooden panels to decorate in the outdoor garden. Warm space with sun and wind for you and your friends.

wooden panels for the garden | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

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