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Some design for the shade garden

If you have a nice garden with lack of lighting, you should plant more trees with colors. The different structures will create the attraction for the outdoor garden.

The lack of lighting of garden is also known as the garden under the shade garden. Design for garden is covered by trees, the building or shielding of construction. There are a lot of designs for the shade garden, you can refer in below ways.

1. Choose the appropriate plant on the basis of the shade, the amount of light received from the different areas.

2. Using some compost to ensure nutrients and moisture to the plants

3. Plant a shade trees such as azaleas, orchids reviews, camellia… to bring more color for your garden.

4. You should choose the plants suited to the soil instead of trying to improve the soil to suit their favorite plants.

trees for the shade garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture
Some type of trees are suitable for shade garden

5. Because of less amount of sunlight, the ability of growth and metabolism of plants in shade is very slow. So you should NOT to fertilize or water to the level too often. You should add organic soil on the surface to help keep the plant nutrient for development process.

6. Try to combine of more types of trees with different colors will make a stunning garden as you wish.

7. You can prune leaves, branches of the tree if you want to have more sunlight for your garden. Noted: you should NOT prune too much and length of the branches must be cut smaller than ½ the length of the stem. Do not prune more than twice in a year and should only cut small branches.

8. Color grasses for the garden, you can choose the colors: pink, blue or white… Most of the ornamental grasses are growing quite high so you should plant it behind the place to create background or flowers to create special point. You can trim, crop shortened to more compact plants.

9. If you need to more land to grow trees, you should select the quality soil and extra soil are not too 2-4 cm thick. You can add the ground in places where the roots can grow to but you remember that it’s NOT more than 2-4 cm thick.

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