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Some decorations for outdoor pool

Pool is a separate space and creates unique factors for the house. You can decorate luxury flower pots which suit with quiet space. 

nice light for outdoor pool | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

To bring style of suburban areas, homeowners also add steel bucket to decorate for the pool.

steel baskets for the pool | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam
decorate the pool with more colorful baskets.

A beach with artificial cliffs is located in the corner of the pool. It is covered by a stainless steel mesh panels, inside the white stones with grass looks like a real beach.

decorate for outdoor pool | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

You can use LED lighting for the pool in night. The square or round light box has many different size for a variety of different colors of light. It brings attraction and excited for the pool.

outdoor light for the pool | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

A white plastic pot with energy-saving lamp 30W is very impressive.

lighting system for outdoor pool | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The aluminum timber is decorated with many dimensions. It can be used for objects or simply for decoration.

decorate with basket for the pool | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Mini flower pots.

design with hanging flower pots | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The impressive portable lamps are designed by white plastic. It can be placed on the grass, next the pool or hanging on the trees. 

unique outdoor light for your garden | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Baskets for toys made from plastic polymer are the good idea for decorate the pool.

unique decoration for outdoor space | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

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