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Modern outdoor furniture in the garden

The outdoor design is extremely unique and innovative will space outdoor space. It will bring sexier and romantic for your home.

1. Hanging bed romance

the hanging bed | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

nice hanging bed | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

hanging bed in the garden | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

It’s very comfortable when you relax in the garden with hanging bed. You can read the book, listen music and have deep sleep with yellow and soft cushions.

outdoor hanging bed | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

The hanging bed that is designed meticulously and carefully by Daniel Pouzet. It looks pretty slim but extremely strong. The hanging bed can rotate 160 degrees and have curtain for extra privacy and space without direct sunshine. You can put it on the terrace or in the garden.

2. Outdoor tub

The bath with two floors is designed with more modern technology. With 9 pumps, 130 jets, you not only enjoy the warm water, but also enjoy hydrotherapy massage. All members in your family can have some foods in downstairs. In addition, members can also watch TV or listen to music with the integrated speakers.

outdoor tub | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

having gym exercise in the outdoor tub | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

In the evening, you can use the light systems in the outdoor tub. It’s very nice and warm for all members in your family.

multi-function tub in the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Garden

If you have large yard, the multi-function tub is very useful for your family.

3. Outdoor chairs

Ramon Esteve – an architect Spaniards with inspiration in natural minerals designed this impressive chair. With stylish, elegant design, it looks like a dome can open and protect you from ultraviolet rays when you relax under the sunshine.

outdoor chair | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

modern outdoor furniture | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

connect the mobile with outdoor chairs | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

You can move it from one place to another due to wheels. In addition, the outdoor chair is also equipped with LED lighting system and speakers inside, with smartphone and Bluetooth to create modern outdoor chair in your garden.

nice outdoor chair in the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

outdoor chairs | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Three kinds of outdoor furniture are very useful for the garden. If you have large space in the garden, it is very wonderful when you decorate with modern outdoor furniture.

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