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Design the balcony with 11 romantic tips

1. Outdoor benches

outdoor benches in the balcony | Outdoor benches

When your house is near the river, lake or the sea, you should create a wide space to enjoy the cool breeze blowing in the house. Please, keep the balcony neat, planting a few trees and put some outdoor benches to relax as walking resort in the romantic seaside resort.

2. Pinwheel

outdoor pinwheel for the garden | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

The little pinwheel with many styles, different colors are put in the balcony bring more funny for you. The wind will help you comfortable when drinking a cup of tea, watch the sunset with the fancy moves of pinwheel brings the relaxed moments in everyday.

3. Bring the sun in the balcony

design outdoor balcony tips | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

You still relax in the balcony whether small or large if you know the ways to design this area. Paint the outdoor balcony with yellow enough to create a warm space for your home in winter.

4. Green trees

green trees for the balcony | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

If you think that we need to a yard or porch to create a green space in the house, it is a wrong idea. Balcony area will cool and romantic when you design with green trees. The brilliant flowers would be appropriate to create relaxing space in the cold days.

5. Decorate with green carpet 

green carpet in the balcony | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Decorating the balcony with green carpet is the best idea for the covered area. You can put some lovely flowers, an outdoor wicker chair to relax among the brilliant green grass, flowers in my little corner house.

6. Wallpaper for the outdoor garden

wallpapers for the balcony | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

A romantic space is very important in the garden. You can use the wallpaper with patterns of nature to bring vivid and bright for your home. Just choose colorful wallpaper for the wall is enough to make attractive point for your garden.

7. Create impressive little corner

decorate the outdoor balcony | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Choose a green folding table and chairs, a small carpet and nice flower pots on the table, you can drink a cup of tea and feel a warm space in the winter.

8. More color for the balcony

flower pots for the balcony with more colors | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Balcony space is more live when you paint colors on the walls. Small balcony with rainbow will make you feel the fun while sitting every afternoon in the outdoor space.

These pots with simple colors will make the quiet atmosphere. Please refresh the outdoor area with vibrant colors. Some colors such as blue, green, yellow… are painted in the pots will bring vivid space for the balcony.

9. Umbrella for the beautiful balcony

outdoor umbrella | Outdoor Accessories

A green umbrella is located next the outdoor table and chairs will bring cool air, fresh for your balcony.

10. Flower pots in the railing

flower pots in the railing | Outdoor Furniture Design

Nowadays, more people use the flower pots to decorate for the railing. However, each flower will bring its own beauty. You should decorate the flower pots to take the romantic and brilliant in the sun

11. Creating green space

green space in the house | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The combination of blue and white color will bring more cool and comfortable for the balcony in winter.

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