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Design outdoor furniture for each types of balcony

Balcony space is small but always bring the relaxation, comfort and warm for all members in your family. You can decorate the balcony to make it become the place “dating” for couples with sweet time. All what we should be doing is turn the corner into the new space with trees, flowers and grass. Sun and wind are harmony in the balcony.

1. The small balcony

The small spaces, there should be carefully to choose the outdoor furniture with the reasonable size, to avoid making messy for the balcony. Do not decorate too many minutiae. The best choice is pieces of wooden tables and chairs. In addition, you put some small flowers pots with bright color to make your balcony becomes brighter and sweeter.

pieces of wooden table and chairs | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

With simple table and chairs, you can read or chat with your friends in the balcony.

outdoor cushions for the balcony | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

A chandelier with soft lighting or the light from candles will make the romantic for your family.

outdoor table in the balcony | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

simple table and chairs in the balcony | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture


2. A large balcony

With the large balcony, we can decorate with large outdoor furniture. The best choice is wicker outdoor furniture. The subtle curves will create the romantic and modern area for your little corner. 

colorful balcony | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

You can create the fresh space and poetic with colorful flowers pots. 

wicker outdoor furniture for the balcony | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Wicker chair with soft colors bring warmth in the first day of autumn.

wicker outdoor chair in the balcony | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

If you have a large balcony, try to put the bench to sunbathing and reading books. That’s very wonderful.

outdoor relax chair | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Besides, you can arrange a place to have dinner and rest comfortably with the Japanese table, outdoor cushions and softness pillow.

colorful outdoor furniture | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

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