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Decorate the outdoor garden with candles

Candles are not only used in the romantic weekend in the bedroom or dining room, but also become more romantic with the outdoor furniture in your garden.

Candle is placed in the frame of the lantern or on a rack next the wicker outdoor table and some outdoor chairs which are placed under the green trees. It’s the peaceful and enjoyable.

decorate the garden with candles | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The candle can become the center of attention and can also create unique style for your space. You should put a table next the fence and decorate some floating candles look like butterfly can be the focal point for an outdoor party.

candles and lantern for the garden | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Candles lined up on the table combine with outdoor cushions cover the wooden floor will create romantic space in the garden.

butterfly candles | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Sitting on the swing next the candle and flower pots on the table will help you get the relaxation and comfortable.

candles light for the garden | Outdoor Accessories

Small chairs in the walking street around your garden has also become an ideal to put candle box. Many candles gathered will make the garden become more sparkling in the night. 

unique candles for design the garden | Outdoor Furniture

On the weekends, you can move the table in the porch to have more inspiration for the work. It’s a quite place and peaceful with candles. You can passionately working to late night. Moreover, the wooden candle brings a bold traditional space for outdoor porch. 

working space in the garden | Outdoor Furniture

wooden outdoor furniture and candles | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Each space, each position in the garden have more romantic when combining with candles. Make your garden becomes more lovely and romantic with your creativity. 

art candles | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

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