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Color ideas for design the outdoor garden

Color is not only decorated from trees with brilliant flowers but also create the style for each space with topics of interest to you.

1. Color with retro style

It’s the good idea to create a simple beauty retro style instead a modern garden for outdoor garden space. The retro garden is impressed by the wood furniture will simple design, natural colors. 

retro style for the outdoor garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

2. Color with Zen style
The color with Zen style tends to the serene, calm tones as chocolate, brown, green, gray. With meditation style of Japanese garden, you can choose the colors for the beauty of your garden.

simple colors for design the outdoor space | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

You should use the familiar color for the beauty of the outdoor areas with your favorite beauty “natural”. Outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs….are selected with original nature colors to create impressive space, bold meditation.

3. Color with the sea

The sea color will bring more airy and pleasant when combined with the cool green garden. The key colors with the sea as yellow, blue, navy… and buffer colors like moss green, brown, pink gray…

idea design with sea colors | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

The green of trees combine harmony with the sea green and create balance for outdoor spaces. Besides, you can add pillows, vases and furniture frame with soft colors to create softness space.

4. Color with the soil

The simple and friendly of the land will bring the outdoor space the unique personality. The color with the soil will create warm space for garden in the winter. 

soil colors for design the house | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The idea with soil color is quite suitable for the patio area, balcony, porch. Colors are selected for outdoor area is also very simple such as brown, light blue, gray, tan…to focus simple beautiful but subtle for the space. 

5. Color with summer fruit

Summer with the sun, the wind will make the comfortable space when you think of a fruit garden.

brilliant color for the design garden | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Depending on your favorite, homeowners can decorate with the color of many different fruits, also can choose the color of a fruit as the main space to suitable with flavor of summer.

Which colors will you choose for your outdoor garden?

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