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Make the pool more beautiful with small landscape

If you have a small pool in backyard, you should decorate with miniatures follow the suggestions below. It has effective surprise!

Simple modern waterfall is arranged near the pool. It brings you feeling relax and nature.

water fall near the pool | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

design the pool with unique waterfall | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Additional, you can use rocks and plants to create wild scene

rock and waterfall near the pool | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

It is very nice with rock and green trees near the pool. It brings you a comfortable feeling in weekend.
natural pool in backyard | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

pots of flowers near the pool | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture
A small garden beside the pool like a beautiful painting

Outdoor lights help the pool more shimmering in the night

outdoor lights and the pool | Outdoor Wooden Furniture

The outdoor benches help you relax comfortably by the pool as well as move them to other places..

relax near the pool with outdoor benches | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

outdoor benches | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

It is very wonderful when relaxing on the outdoor chairs is placed under water

An outdoor bar is a place for meeting friends or siting in the summer.

outdoor bar | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

A beautiful lawn surrounding the pool is the ideal place to relax or have outdoor party.

outdoor pool in the backyard | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

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The common mistakes for homeowners

Today, more family build and design the house based on functional and aesthetic factors that not have focused on Feng Shui. Do you know Feng Shui is an important factor to increase the quality of life. Do not pay attention, many houses are mistakes in feng shui from living room, kitchen to bedroom.

Firstly, the living room is the main living space of the family. This area should have the same basic requirements such as arranging on the first floor or in front of the house, the space bright, airy passages.

In fact, many home shows some basic error or violation is the bar running through the living room, creating murderous to homeowners, low ceiling feel stuffy, not development.

the bar in the living room | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Secondly, bedroom is a warm space, is an independent sector, private and quiet. Bedroom should be positive, but many people do not understand is that the quiet sounds. So they try to find ways designed to truly dark and the baby. This is the most basic mistakes in the bedroom. Dark colors will cause gloomy melancholy, depression, detrimental to their marriage.

choose paint colors for the bedroom | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam
Harmony colors in the bedroom is very important for couple 

A common mistake is not paying attention to the location or direction of bedding set. The elderly usually put the bed on the first floor, children’s bed upstairs, toilet on the upstairs is located right on her parent’s bed. This will make grandparents are sickness easily.

avoid put head of the bed near doors | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Head of the bed also have prop but should not use wall of kitchen, toilet because that is where the air is low, unstable, prone to headaches, fatigue, depression, insomnia, narcolepsy…. Head of the bed avoid relying on the door or turned to the door.

Thirdly, entrance, doors, windows …where is the place to pick up the air, welcome fortune for the place so it must be clear and clean. The size and number must be in harmony with the overall house.

the living room with feng shui | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Fourthly, the kitchen is where related emotional, money so it should be clear, away from the bedroom, the main door. The common mistakes such as: facing water (sink, refrigerator, toilet), the water – fire causing disharmony, ill health.

kitchen is an important factors with feng shui | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Finally, Feng Shui is an important factor in design the house. So homeowners should research more feng shui when have a nice house for your family and bring money, healthy to all members in your family

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Some tips to grow tomatoes in the garden

In small space in the house, you can still have a tomatoes garden. It’s not hard to have a corner tomatoes in the courtyard by plating simple but more effective.

1. Wooden ladder frame

using wooden outdoor furniture | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

A wooden ladder frame is useful for the tomato plants grow rapidly. Using wooden outdoor furniture to design a frame with the size you want.

2. Using some trees

using some trees | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Create a cone towers for tomato plants by three trees. You can use the four – cylinder and a cylindrical frame to prop cone in the middle.

3. Growing in cage

grow tomatoes in the cage | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Tomato with slender bough can grow up in a cage like this rig. You can use zinc cage to keep tomato and help them easy to have fruit.

The cage should not be too big and strong to help tomato plants grow into dense dust.

4. Growing in steel frame

tomatoes rig by steel frame | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

A steel frame will make a rig to help tomato plants grow strongly. You can use rig woven into each wire of medium height to tomatoes develop natural.

The square on the rig made large enough to easily pick tomatoes.

5. Spiral

growing spiral for tomato plants | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Add a subtle artistic into your vegetable garden with a torsion bar to prop up tomatoes. You can use this particular for each tomatoes or combine with a metal cage surrounding tomato plants.

Bending tomato plants along the bar. Hold the tomato plants by the ropes not too tight.

6. Using plastic mesh

growing tomatoes in plastic mesh | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Create a cylindrical mesh cage for tomato plants and covered with a plastic bag. Mesh cages with plastic layer formed around can help tomatoes grow well in cool weather. In the hot sun, lifted the plastic layer to gather the tomatoes easier.

7. Fence

growing tomatoes in the fence | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

A fence rig will prop up tomato plants. You can direct the tops of tomatoes through the hole in fence when they start to grow up.

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The most unique of furniture in 19 restaurants

HR Bar Giger Museum (Switzerland) took inspiration from the fossil bones of dinosaurs. The details of the dome, outdoor chairs to design like dinosaur bones with beautiful textures. Interesting ideal also comes with the delicate tracery on the floor and warm colors.

HR bar giger museum in Switzerland | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Idea of Truth Coffee & Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa expressed passionate about engineering. You will feel having a travel in a factory but still enjoy the comforts of the modern bar.

truth coffee and restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Jane Restaurant (Belgium) which is an old church renovated. Dome with delicate design, combine with the white color of the walls, tablecloths help it the ideal place to have dinner and celebrate the special occasion. The highlight of the restaurant is the big chandelier in the dome.

Jane Restaurant in Belgium  | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Bicycle bar in Romania is the address of people who have passionate with design about technical. It is decorated with the parts of the bike, create a unique space and closed with nature.

bicycle bar in Romania | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

White color accompanied by routes on both floors and furniture which create wonderful space for Logomo Cofffee (Finland). The orange bar lights along roads made more lively space.
Cofffe Joben Bistro (Rumania) impress with blue spacecraft in the ceiling and many parts of the engine around.
bluespacecraft in Joben Bistro Coffee | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture
Blue spacecraft in the ceiling

Joben Bistro Coffee | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

What Happens When Restaurant in New York is very unique with the brand name, layout and the ceiling.

what happens when in new york | Vietnam Outdoor Chairs

Coffee Ki in Tokyo, Japan with simple white and black of Japanese style architecture. The black trunk is wrapped in coffee shop is used to hang hats, scarves and décor the shop.

coffee Ki in Tokyo | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Ammo Restaurant, Hong Kong, located on the road leading into a museum. It only takes 3 months of construction and create an impression with decorate detail.

Ammo restaurant in Hong Kong | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Sexy pictures of chocolate walls are lovely accents for space in sweet Chocolate shop in Poland.

sweet restaurant in polland | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

These looms with thread colors to help restaurant Pakta in Spain more brilliant. Furniture in the shop with light colors help wooden looms as the increasingly prominent.

Pakta restaurant in Spain | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

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Wonderful garden space for the villas

Today, the location of outdoor space is very important to the living space inside the house. You can relax in the outdoor garden with the green trees, more flowers. The outdoor garden will be more beautiful with furniture items and color harmony.

large sofa in the outdoor garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

For having a relaxing space in the garden, you should maintain fresshness and sense of personal style is impressive. Here are 2 outdoor areas to relax in outdoor.

pretty sofa and pillows in the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The first area is very fresshness with lush perennials. In additional, this is very impression with the large sofa. It not only suitable for large gatherings, but also helps you to easily relax after working hard.

relaxing corner in the garden | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Besides, pretty pillows with more vibrant colors will bring you a wonderful summer in the garden.

nice garden for villas | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

There are a pool and more green trees create a relaxing corner near the natural.
The cornor of relaxing by the pool side villas is more modern with swimming pool surrounded by a small hut. Space is extremely great for relaxation and retreat. Homeowners will get minutes at the home.

relaxing cabin in the garden | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Do you want to have breakfast in a similar cabin?

Relaxing cabin located on the side of the pool villas is very exciting and unique
Cabin is made of gllas and wood will bring modern and simple feeling for homeowners.
This corner is a masterpiece to honor the beauty of natural materials, emphasizing decorate effects and the importance of the exterior architecture of the space of a house.

cabin with glass and wooden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

wonderful cabin for outdoor garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Read more about outdoor design in the garden with Vietnam Outdoor Furniture!

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The most beautiful main gate in the world

The main gate is very important for the house. It create the first impression of visitors. You can see some main gates which are rated the most beautiful in the world.

The textures, architectural lines of India gate always bring surprise for tourists. 

Indian gate | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

You will very excited with a beautiful sea sky when visiting homes in Iiha Da Madeira (Portugal)

the picture in main gate | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The house with fly ball in Kilkenny (Ireland) will make your childs always wants to go home. 

main doors for kids | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

The wooden door with cute owl located in Copehagen (Denmark)

the main gate with cute owl | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Owner homes in IIha Da Madeira (Portugal) is very romantic and love the sea. 

nice main gate | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The main gate looks like a paiting picture. 

the main gate with painting pictures | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

The artist who design for the main gate of the house which you feel the door is open.

strange main gate | Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

painting pictures in the main gate | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

old main door | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

the main doors with more colors | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture
The main door with more colors with bring excited space for your family.

interesting main doors | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

cute main doors | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture
Where is the main door in the house?

You can choose for your home the nice design. Notice: the main door is very important for a house, so you should learn more about some tips and feng shui factors with main doors. 

You can learn about Feng Shui at: Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

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Nice garden in the terrace

To have a natural space with trees and more flowers is not easy to implement. However, if you take advantage of the terrace, you can still create a green landscape with fence, trees, and grass….

decorate the lotus lake in the terrace | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The terrace is the top floor of the building, so creating a garden space in there is most ideal for the modest house. Homeowners can make the lakes, landscapes, not only create a beautiful  terrace but also a cooling method for the house.

hanging trees in the terrace | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

You also decorate a hanging garden in terrace to bring the cooling for the house.
Some homeowners prefer to use the familiar plants such as bamboo, betel, papaya….to create an array of thick trees. This way will bring the feel large garden for limited area.

grow the bamboo, betel in the terrace | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

You also have the flexibility to turn into a corner terrace with some bench, outdoor lights, a corner home with fencing gardens and green vines, outdoor table and chairs…
On the terrace, you do not be afraid to incorporate green space with artwork. You can use the statues, stone or art, gallery you like

design the terrace with bench | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

grow variety of flowers in the terrace | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

You do not need much space, only a yard you can still do a lap around the green with grass and some bamboo or palm for cooling.
If you have more time, you can take care the garden with many types of colors flowers

decorate the terrace with trees, artworks | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

small trees in the terrace | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor living room is the relaxing space for all members in your family

Outdoor Living Room in the terrace | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Note: Due to the natura garden on high ground, so we have to choose suitable plants, avoid planting too dense or mixed types. Need to design enough space for exercise or walking path, place to rest.

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Design the house with green walls

Decorated the green walls in the yard, the living room with the outdoor furniture also create life space for your house.

green trees in the walls | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Green walls is on of the best solutions to help improve the environments at home. A house which have small space, can design a green wall in the yard or in the living room to create natural green. The house with a large area when applying this solution to create a vivid picture.

the porch with green trees | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Green walls can become a work of art if the homeowners knows cleverly arranged. From the stage of grow and  design the green walls, you should pay attention to the primary purpose of improving the living room, providing relaxing, carefree while immersed in the nature.

green walls in the house | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Many people worry the plants in home will attract more insects such cockroaches, ants, flies. To fix, you can use all kinds of insecticides are available at the store or refer to some simple way to handle a number of insects at home.

the wall with hanging trees | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Now, air-plants are chosen by many homeowners because of friendly environmental. The type of this plant does not need planting in the ground because they absorb water and nutrients through the leaves.

some green potted trees | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

You can refer some design the green walls in the house.

the roof with green trees | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

green windows of the house | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

green walls | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

It is very important to bring the trees into your house. 

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Design a nice garden with broken vase

Design a nice outdoor garden with the items damages, it is very wonderful. You do not need a lot of money to create an impressive feature for your garden.

decorate the garden with broken vase | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

If you make a vase broken,  you can use to decorate for your garden

cut the vase to decorate in the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Beside, homeowners can cut the vase according to the preferred shape to decorate for the garden.
the broken vase with moss | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

You will pour the soil and put the porcelain pieces according your design. Then, you locate the decorations as the house, up the stairs. Finally, you can add some small trees, moss…

strange vase for design | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Even you can mix more type of vases to create a highlight point in your garden
plant the tree in the broken vase | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Because the soil in this pot are not many, so you should choose the trees which easy grow, easy to care and do not need much land.
some ornaments for broken vase | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

A few small ornaments and shrubs  to create beautiful vase
cactus grown in the broken vase | Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

A bridge spiral staircase is very popular in design with broken vase
design the broken vase looks like a bridge spiral staircase | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

A colorful forest in small spaces

use broken vase to design the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

If you want to expand the exhibition space, you can combine 2 -3 per side of the vase
nice vase for the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The white stones interspersed with trees create an impressive art. 
combine the broken vases  | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

use white stones in design in the broken vase | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

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Some style of green walls in the house

Green walls are very important for your garden. You can mix variety of plants to make the corner close the natural.

the green walls with 506 small pots | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

This green walls include 506 small pots which help the area near the entrance cool and more beautiful.

green walls with bamboo | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The pots of bamboo are planted next to a wall of grass harmony.

green grass and wooden wall | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Green trees and the wood siding bring the nice view for the garden.

the nice green wall | Outdoor Furniture Vietnam

The mix of colors and trees on the wall like a flower carpet which is accents of the wall

outdoor green walls | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The green grass is grown inside the wooden walls. Cool grene walls are a great place for a romantic picnic.

stone walls and green trees | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Stone wall becomes charming when you design with the greenery and flowers

green walls in the entrance | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

When you decorate the green walls in your house, they will provides a feeling of freshness and enerfy to the visitors at home.

green walls in the spa room | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Even, you can design some green walls to make the spa room for your wife

the nice green walls | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Green grass is mixed from many beautiful grasses as a vivid tapestry.

green tapestry | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Green grass and rustic wood are used to design the wall which bring the life for your house.

green trees and wooden door | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

These bushes are grown in the iron frame next to a lovely wooden staircase.

green trees and staircase | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture
It’s very nice when you design the house with green trees. All members in your family will be very interested with green walls.

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